Tuesday, 7 July 2020

A Young Life prepared for her Future – The Story of *Jessy’s Medical Journey at Bramley’s Children Home

*Jessy was born into a family that struggled financially as both her parents were unemployed. The family lived in suspect places and alcohol was a constant. It was a struggle to survive and Jessy was not enrolled in Grade 1 when she was old enough. It simply was not a priority. She and her brother were placed in foster care with a family, but it was unsuccessful as the foster parents also lost their jobs. When *Jessy was 11 years old she and her brother found a home at Bramley Children’s Home.

She adapted quickly and found comfort in the stability that Bramley Children’s Home offered.  But Jessy was battling more than just the setbacks that she already lived through. She has a medical condition namely Maffucci Syndrome. It is a disorder that primarily affects the skin and bones by multiple benign growths of cartilage that develop within the bones. Because of this condition, Jessy had knock knees and an operation was needed. A doctor volunteered her services and the operation was successfully done. The help of the doctor reduced the financial impact on Bramley Children’s Home. The condition also caused a growth on Jessy’s arm and although she already had an operation on her arm, more operations are needed in the future. Her teeth also needed attention and Bramley took her to get orthodontic help. 

The circumstances of her parents improved and they are now renting a single room, which means that Jessy and her brother can visit their parents every second weekend. Although she enjoys visiting her parents she returns to Bramley with a gratefulness and a new zeal to make the best of every opportunity.

Jessy is a young girl that dares to dream about a better future. She darts to and fro on the soccer field. Her focus fixed on the soccer ball. She takes part in cultural activities but never neglects her academic school work. She is an achiever. She is a go-getter. She just simply refuses that anything robs her of her dreams.

Jessy is dreaming of one day becoming a doctor. The doctor that helped *Jessy with her knee and arm operations invited her to come and shadow for a day or two to find out what the medical profession is all about. Perhaps one day *Jessy will also be part of that team of doctors that helps to lift and carry children on their shoulders to enable them to reach a better future. 

* Alias used to protect identity

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