Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Carried from Darkness to Light – The story of loving and caring for *Joshua, the pianist.

The young pianist bows his head and his fingers start to caress the piano keys. First, it is a tender caress and slowly it builds up to a more vehement stride. It is when his fingers touch the low keys that his whole heart is laid bare.

*Joshua was sexually molested for many years by the one person that was supposed to protect him at all times. His father. It was during his Grade 9 year that his mother went to the police and made it public. A court case followed that ended with his father in prison. His mother, not having employment at the time, disappeared from the scene. His younger sister was placed in foster care. And between the pieces of brokenness, a stricken teenager needed all his strength just to breathe.

*Joshua was put in foster care which did not work out. His Grandmother provided for him to be able to stay in the hostel of his high school. He was a loner whose only comfort was his music and the piano. When the other children went home over weekends *Joshua stayed behind. He was isolated, depressed and he made a plan to end his life. He stashed his medication from his psychiatrist and when he had enough he bought a bottle of brandy. During a weekend, when he was alone in the hostel, he consumed the medication and brandy together hoping to die. He was found in a bathtub full of water just in time by a Hostel Father. He was admitted for a month in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. It was then, during his Grade 11 year, that *Joshua found a home at Bramley Children’s Home. 

The loving care of Bramley Children’s Home slowly began to make a difference. His House Mother took him personally back to the school hostel every Sunday. The school took *Joshua to his therapist twice a week. The social worker offered continued love and support. A volunteer with a music background started to visit him and a forever friendship was cemented. With a network of support *Joshua started to heal.

During his Grade 11 year he won two trophies at the Eisteddfod for his piano talents. His shoulders got straighter. One Saturday per month *Joshua started to play piano in a Shopping Centre under the banner of Bramley Children’s Home. The money that was raised was banked for *Joshua.  Hope started to flicker in his eyes. His school marks improved tremendously. From barely passing Grade 11 he passed his matric year with flying colours.

After matric *Joshua successfully enrolled at a professional music school with the help of a bursary and volunteers to learn more about his beloved piano. With his shoulders straight and a sparkle in his eyes he left Bramley Children’s Home. Forever in our hearts. Forever family. 

The young man caresses the piano key and the sound of hope lingers on. He gets up and a smile flickers over his face. He bows and walks out on the shoulders of those that carried him till here. His music still fills the air … and in his shadow waits another frightened boy, another stricken girl for shoulders to carry them from darkness to light.

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