Wednesday, 22 April 2020

My Adoption Story

Sarah decided to adopt because after trying everything, she discovered she could not have kids naturally. Her biggest fears were that she would not be approved because she is a single working woman and the fact that in her opinion certain communities are still not really open to adoption. She discussed the option with her family, who agreed and supported her through the whole process.

“The process is long and needs patience, but it’s worth it! The day I saw my boy Thando, I knew he was made especially for me. My child has brought so much joy in my life and it makes me happy to see that I could provide love, family, and a warm comfortable home for him” says Sarah. She added that she will forever be grateful for this opportunity and wants to encourage people to consider adoption. “If God has blessed you enough give a home to a child - you will not regret it as children are a blessing,” says Sarah.

She is hoping to adopt a second child soon and she is hoping for a little girl this time. “I have too much love to give,” says Sarah. She feels that adoption is worth it and hopes that all communities would open minds and hearts to adopting as there are many children who need love and homes.

For more information about adoption, you can contact Nina de Caires on 082 824 9244 or send an email to  Sometimes a pregnancy is unplanned and we understand that it causes distress for pregnant women who have to find the best possible solution for herself and her baby.  Talk to Child Welfare Tshwane to get a clear picture of the options you have and should you decide to give the baby up for adoption, always remember that you are giving the baby the best possible chance to reach his or her full potential in a loving environment.

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