Friday, 3 April 2020

Lebogang's adoption - adding to our family - what joy!

Many people wonder if they will ever be blessed with children – hearing the laughter of children in their home becomes the one thing they dream about all the time.  For these people, adoption offers a wonderful opportunity to become parents and it gives a baby a loving home.  Mr. and Mrs. Kganyago shared their story with us. (To protect the identities of the family, names have been changed and a stock photo image have been used).

“My wife and I thought Lebogang Mtemba was our grandson, but the paternity test revealed that he was not related to us in any way”, says Mr. Kganyago.  The couple had already developed a bond with Lebogang whose mother was not interested to take care of him. “We decided to get more information about adoption,” says Mr. Kganyago.  This was in their opinion the best way to keep him.

When Mr. and Mrs. Kganyago began with their adoption journey, they were filled with so many different emotions. Mrs. Kganyago searched online for adoption agencies around Pretoria and decided to contact Child Welfare Tshwane.  “We were so nervous and had no idea what to expect. We heard about the adoption process and how long it takes and that scared us a lot. But we were willing to go through this journey in order to get our child”, says Mrs. Kganyago.

When they made the decision to go ahead with the adoption, they called a family meeting and informed their family about their decision. The family was excited and could not wait for little Lebogang to legally become part of their family. “Our family supported us all the way,” says the couple. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kganyago was so relieved that they are now Lebogang’s legal parents and could not wait to change his surname. Though they knew Lebogang was part of the family, they were scared that Lebogang’s biological mother might come back and claim him. Until the adoption process was finalised, they wouldn't be able to stop her!

“The adoption process took longer than expected and we were already frustrated when the Social worker called us”, says Mr. Kganyago. They even lost hope and thought the adoption will never be finalised. However, Mrs. Kganyago remained hopeful that the adoption will be finalised and that they would be able to call Lebogang their son.  They were elated when the process was concluded and are now one happy family!

The couple told the social worker that they would go through the process again if given the opportunity. They felt like the whole process is worth it and wouldn’t change a thing!  “Adoption gives pregnant women an option when they did not plan the pregnancy, it gives the baby an opportunity to become part of a loving family, and it gives couples the opportunity to bring a child into their homes where they can provide and care for that child”, says Nina de Caires, Supervisor for the Adoption Unit at Child Welfare Tshwane.

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