Monday, 31 August 2020

Parents are Important! #ValuableParents


This September-month, Child Welfare Tshwane is boldly stepping out with a clear message that PARENTS are important in the lives of children. The parent-child relationship is the channel through which everything flows – love, care, protection, safety, support, and encouragement. Children are dependent on their parents for survival on all levels of their being. In the chaos of our daily lives, parents may start to feel that they are only there to make sure that their children are clothed, fed, and get to school. We want to remind you of the VALUE you have as a parent – it is a value that cannot be quantified. It is a value that speaks not only to the physical needs of children but also to the very heart of children.

At Child Welfare Tshwane we understand the VALUE of a parent. As a Child Protection Organisation, it is our responsibility to help children where parents are not able to look after and care for them – in cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. We also step in where children are without parents – orphaned or abandoned. We stand in the gap for these parents because we believe that every child deserves to have parents who protect and loves them. At Child Welfare Tshwane we offer a variety of “parenting” services to our local communities:

  • Mediation – where parents are separating, mediation services can step in to reduce conflict and trauma. We assist with drawing up Parenting Plans that ensure that the needs of the children are met.
  • Adoption – we build “forever families” and try to create happiness for childless parents. We are the leader in Adoption services.  
  • Foster Care – where parents or a relative cannot take care of a child, a temporary living arrangement is made with loving foster care parents.
  • Bramley Children’s Home – we provide 24-hour residential care to 46 children in our Bramley Children’s Home. We have three houses with housemothers and father. 

Parenting stands central to what we do for abused, neglected, exploited, orphaned and abandoned children – at a time when they need it most.

As a non-profit Child Protection Organisation we are dependant on donations from the community. Donations received help to fund essential “parenting” services like Mediation, Adoption, Foster Care and our Bramley Children’s Home. We deeply appreciate every single donation that enables us to step in and change the life of a child. All proceeds for the month of September will go to help fund essential “parenting” services.

Donations can be made securely on our website select Support “Valuable Parents” campaign or via EFT into our bank account:

Account Name: Child Welfare Tshwane
Bank: FNB Brooklyn
Account Number: 62457249392
Ref: Parents Matter; Your Name & Surname

More about Child Welfare Tshwane:

Child Welfare Tshwane works within the boundaries of the greater Tshwane area to protect vulnerable and orphaned children and their families. We have easily accessible service points located in Atteridgeville, Centurion, Elandspoort, Mamelodi-West, Sunnyside, and Arcadia.  We also have a 24-hour residential care facility, Bramley Child and Youth Care Centre in Groenkloof. Our vision is to see safe children, families, and communities in Tshwane. In the past 3 years Child Welfare Tshwane reached a total of 114,611 beneficiaries (children and their families).

Connect with us:

Child Welfare Tshwane

Telephone: 012 460 9236

Fax: 086 695 5451

Address: 72 Oates Street, Groenkloof

“We care for the families and children of Tshwane”


Facebook: @ChildWelfareTshwane

Instagram: child_welfaretshwane

Twitter: @ChildWelfareTs

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