Tuesday, 25 June 2019

New law ‘to hurt kids’


Reaction to the article 'new law to hurt kids':

The children will suffer the consequences of even fewer adoptions being done if the changes to the Bill is implemented as recommended by the Department of Social Development, says Ms. Nina de Caires, Tshwane Representative on the National Adoption Coalition and Supervisor of the Adoption Unit at Child Welfare Tshwane.

“Professionals in the private sector, specialising in adoptions, will no longer want to assist in adoption cases and the abandoned, orphaned and children in need of care and protection will suffer”, says De Caires. “The focus is on getting homes for children, and not finances.”

Child Welfare Tshwane does not discriminate and all decisions on adoptions are made with the best interest of the child in mind. We support the Constitutional right of every child to belong to a family!
De Caires added that the reason for charging fees, based on a means scale, is purely to cover the shortfall as the subsidies from the Department are inadequate. Overheads like administration costs and advertising, have to be covered for each adoption.

She also said that specialisation in adoption is important as this is a permanent placement and social workers have to be skilled to make these important assessments in collaboration with other professionals like medical doctors.

“In my opinion, there are many children in need of care and protection and many abandoned children every year. The more professionals we have contributing to the future of the children, the better. Finding homes and families for children should be the ultimate goal – we should not focus on the money but rather finding a loving solution for children."

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