Friday, 26 September 2014

96th Annual General Meeting : We all about Transparency

Transparency refers to the lack of  hidden agendas and conditions accompanied by the availability of information required for collaboration and cooperation and collective decision making. It should be noted that transparency does not mean the opening up of intellectual property  files or classified documents.
A company's  actions impacts its stakeholders and employees, shareholders, clients and suppliers. To be a successful and trusted organisation it is important to build  a confidence of its stakeholders.  It is of utmost importance that transparency is articulated and practiced  in every organisation.  

On Wednesday, 17 September 2014 Child Welfare Tshwane held its 96th Annual General Meeting in Groenkloof Pretoria. Mr. Neels Campher, a specialist Family Law Attorney served as keynote speaker. The Annual General Meeting is the organization’s platform to provide feedback in a transparent format to its community stakeholders on financials, strategic direction and future plans.

“Each one of us is an indispensable part of the machinery created in our law for the protection of children. The way you perform your duties will have a permanent impact on not only the life of that child, but also the lives of other role players like parents, grandparents, siblings, other family members, care givers and the like.” Mr. Neels Campher said.

During the meeting, the official annual general report was distributed to individuals’ present and official procedures including the appointment of Auditors, Patrons, Champions and Ambassadors and School Fundraising Awards was completed. Arcadia Primary received a trophy for raising more than R20 000 for the organization’s Kidz4Kidz program during the 2013-2014 financial year.

Child Welfare Tshwane prides itself in being able to successfully implement its strategic plan to convey its goals, vision and mission, by delivering expert social work services, refining specialized services such as Adoptions and Foster Care, enhancing fundraising, adapting the organization’s structure aligned with strategy and one business plan, streamlining offices, building partnerships, reinventing the website, improving media outreach. Linda Nell, Director of Child Welfare Tshwane states that we are an active advocate for the rights of children and rendering services that result in our communities’ social development. “Child Welfare Tshwane strives to be pro-active, towards optimal social development, and challenges social inclusivity within a Human Rights framework,” said Linda Ne
The organization believes in transparency, as it is good for any organization to grow and to be trusted by potential donors. “The release of our annual statements acts a tool supporting our fundraising initiatives and assures companies that want to donate experiences us as transparent at all levels.”  Ms. Celest Van Niekerk the Chairperson of Child Welfare Tshwane’s Board of Management said.

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